SBV Capital

SBV Capital provides capital solutions for portfolio companies to assist their growth. SBV Capital is led by Amit Raizada, and specializes in buyouts, recapitalizations, private offerings and growth financing for companies in the middle market, irrespective of industry vertical.

SBV Real Estate

SBV Real Estate is the real estate arm of Spectrum Business Ventures. SBV originally focused around a distinct mission: to acquire, re-position and operate multi-family real estate properties located throughout the United States and build long-term value for partners. SBV Real Estate builds upon this experience to invest in a variety of real estate.

SBV Consultants

SBV Consultants provides experienced professionals and institutional expertise that allows companies to identify factors that impact performance, and implement specific action plans that achieve superior results. SBV Consultants seeks to fundamentally alter organizational performance through efficiency, critical analysis and employee empowerment.