Ravi Srivastava

Ravi Srivastava is a veteran senior executive with extensive experience in business development, strategy, M&A and operational roles at preeminent companies such as Goldman Sachs, The Boston Consulting Group, Sun Microsystems, and Motorola. He currently serves as an executive at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and is a Senior Advisor partnering with the team on current and prospective investments. Ravi previously was Managing Director at SBV for several years, bringing with him perspective as former Vice President, Monetization & Strategy at Yahoo! as well as Vice President of Strategy for Intuit.

Ravi’s experience as an investor, and in executing growth and turnaround strategies in a variety of businesses, demonstrates his ability to create value. He has been an early investor in financial technologies companies such as Store Financial Services and Card Compliant, LED innovator iLight, EchoFox eSports, several apartment complexes, as well as food & entertainment establishments.

Ravi attended Cornell University, and has an MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.