Echo Fox's New Way of Drafting Esports Players Will Change Things Forever

Echo Fox’s New Way of Drafting Esports Players Will Change Things Forever

When you think about the success stories of many esports players, they sound just like a movie – the hand of god reached down and granted one player divine providence to meet just the person they should, or a group of local friends manages to upset a big team and then get signed.


But what if that wasn’t the only way to make it in esports? What if there was a way to purely work on skills without trying to work politicking into your career?


Guess what – Echo Fox just proved there is with their victory at the H1Z1 Invitational at Twitchcon. We caught up with Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall to talk about their new process of recruiting.


Echo Fox’s Jace Hall has pioneered a completely new method of statistics based recruitment that ensures the best player for the job gets that opportunity. That technique not only seems visionary, but also ties in some of the earliest roots of competitive gaming: Twin Galaxies.


“Twin Galaxies is an organization that has been recognizing video game achievements for over 30 years,” Hall tells PVP Live. “They have a system of leaderboards that uses all sorts of different rules based on each game that’s played. So when Echo Fox announced that it would only draft from these leaderboards for its H1Z1 team, players from around the world started to submit their performances. These performances are rated by other gamers in the Twin Galaxies community, and you started to see certain players break away from the pack. So Echo Fox recruited the people who sat on top based on who’s on top statistically – had nothing to do with who you knew, just who had the best raw Expert Skill Index on Twin Galaxies.”


The top player on the Expert Skill Index (which is calculated across all of the different leaderboards or Tracks, as they are called on the site) in H1Z1 was actually Radek Pozler, where he still sits today – he won the H1Z1 Invitational for Echo Fox with his teammates trailing slightly behind him. Jace Hall tells us that the second game was only lost by Echo Fox’s players because they neutralized each other on the map and let eLevate’s Inboxes move on to claim a victory.


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