Kansas City Business Magazine: Amit Raizada featured in “How Will They Vote”

Kansas City Business Magazine: Amit Raizada featured in “How Will They Vote”



Kansas City editors gathered data from sources including the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to project how Kansas City’s most influential business leaders will vote next month. The top maps indicate how total donations have been distributed as of press time. Below, find out exactly who’s showing support, and for which side.


David Lockton | Chairman of the Board, Locton Companies: Romney


Paget Alves III | Chief Sales Officer, Sprint: Obama


William Bradley | Executive Vice President, NIC: Obama


James Ferrell | Chairman, Ferrellgas: Romney


Clark Hunt | Chairman and CEO, Kansas City Chiefs: Romney

(He’s donated the max to Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney during this election cycle, along with $20,000 for the National Committee)


Henry Herrmann | CEO and Chairman of the Board, Waddell & Reed: Romney


James Nutter | President and CEO, James B. Nutter & Co.: Obama


Julia Kauffman | CEO, Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation: Romney


Roshann Parris | President and CEO, Parris Communications: Obama

(Parris donates time to plan and prepare White House trips and appearances.)


Stephen Metzler | President and CFO, Metzler Bros. Insurance: Obama


Scott Tucker | Entrepreneur: Romney


Michael Haverty | CEO, Kansas City Southern Railway: Romney


Fred Merrill Jr. | President, Merrill Companies: Romney


Thomas McDonnell | Chairman and Former CEO, DST Systems: Romney

(McDonnell retired from his top post abruptly in September, and will make about $70 million after he leaves for stock, back pay and other compensation.)


Landon Rowland | Chairman Emeritus, Jannus Capital Group: Obama


Amit Raizada | Managing Principal and CEO, Spectrum Business Ventures: Romney


John Sherman | Chairman and CEO, Inergy: Obama


Clif Illig | Vice Chairman and Co-founder, Cerner: Romney


The Koch Brothers | Majority Owners, Koch Industries: Romney

(David and Charles Koch, majority owners of the multinational corporation Koch Industries, have firmly planted themselves against the president, putting tens of millions of dollars into super PACs.)


George Brett | Kansas City Royals: Romney

(The Royals legend has supported Republicans historically, and is even good friends with radio behemoth and former director of promotions for the Royals, Rush Limbaugh.)


David O’Reilly | Chairman of the Board, O’Reilly Auto Parts: Romney


Thomas Ward | CEO, Russell Stover Candies: Romney


Tom Watson | Pro Golfer: Romney




Democrats: 24% – $2,673,861

Republicans: 72% – $8,003,700


Democrats: 31% – $10,627,302

Republicans: 61% – $20,816,456


Source: These predictions are based off information compiled from data provided by the Federal Election Commission.