Amit Raizada

Chief Executive Officer

Amit Raizada Bio Amit Raizada is the Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Business Ventures (SBV). He has dedicated his career to designing innovative investment strategies that minimize risk and maximize profit. For the past decade, Amit’s enterprise has been a stalwart figure within the national financial landscape and has enjoyed remarkable success.

Amit was born in New Delhi, India, and immigrated to the United States with his family at two years of age. His background and family support led to his ambition, interest in economic theory, and entrepreneurial zeal.

Amit founded Spectrum Business Ventures Inc. (SBV) in 2002.. Amit has lead mergers and acquisitions efforts, deal sourcing, structuring and financing for targeted investments. Each portfolio entry is scrutinized by Amit personally, with his focus being on maximizing revenue streams and delivering growth strategies. Amit has spearheaded numerous innovative ventures that have aided in the expansion and development of SBV, including real estate investment, consulting, and capital solutions.

Amit attended Michigan State University and studied Economics, Amit quickly entered the corporate environment as an investment strategist. Prior to founding SBV, Amit dedicated his early career to consulting several internationally renowned digital communications firms. His strategies provided Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon with a concrete structure for revenue growth and outlet expansion. Always looking for opportunity, Amit led SBV’s portfolio to contain a variety of assets in numerous industries, including technology, retail, financial services, and real estate. His business interests span international boundaries, including North and Central America and Europe.

Always seeking to uncover opportunities, even within the most complex network of problems, Amit has worked to source prospects across a wide array of verticals. With a fascination for art and a passion for creative innovation, an “outside the box” thinker, Amit embraces unique strategies. His support of organizations that demonstrate novel approaches to longstanding problems has led to his affiliation with numerous philanthropic endeavors. One of his greatest achievements was assisting The University of Kansas Hospital acquire state-of-the-art cardiac technology.

The growth of SBV into an internationally respected firm from a small Kansas City office is one of Amit’s greatest triumphs. Never content to work within a limiting framework, Amit has used his influence and expertise to allow SBV to expand and flourish into an industry thought leader.

Amit resides in Miami Beach, Florida.