About Spectrum Business Ventures

Investment Philosophy

Investing is an incredibly interesting business. One takes hard earned money and places a bet on a business that may or may not work or provide a great return. There is a science to the financial modeling and the due diligence process, but there is a lot of art involved too. It takes a great eye to determine what is real vs what is not, what is unique vs. ordinary, what is achievable vs. implausible. Successful investors understand business strategy, timing, team dynamics, deal structure, metrics that matter, governance, and much more. It’s what we do at Spectrum Business Ventures. And we do it really well.

Every investment starts with a story. A captivating idea that is inspiring, but realistic. An individual or team that is passionate about driving to success. And a plan to move forward. But it takes more than that. Success requires resources, connections, experience, guidance, and determination. Every investment opportunity is a unique story, and SBV connects the dots to understand each one.

SBV’s portfolio of investments have achieved an extraordinary level of success over the years. The algorithm, as much as one can encapsulate the art and science of the deals, has remained consistent. Understand the story, choose the right management team, structure the transaction so that everyone’s interests are aligned, ensure appropriate financing, and manage risk at every step.

We provide the canvas, the frame and a space in which to explore and work. We see beyond the surface. We understand pitfalls and how to avoid or mitigate them. We recognize potential and surround our investments with the best resources. We see what success looks like and guide portfolio companies towards it.

SBV does not just provide funding. We bring a vast network of experts and advisors that span all business functions, a broad set of industries, and widespread geographies. SBV makes possible what others often think of as impossible. SBV. We see the world differently.


SBV is a private equity firm that creates long-term value by acquiring and managing unique business assets with exceptional potential for growth. The firm has achieved success across dozens of transactions, spanning industries that include real estate, hospitality, entertainment, retail, and technology. Since 2002, SBV has invested in and developed over 80 operating companies.

SBV has created extraordinary value. Risk is carefully managed while maximizing returns, enabled by well structured transactions and the ability to call upon a wide range of stellar advisors. Strategic, operational, accounting, marketing, legal and other needs are served by experts who have honed their skills over decades.

Amit Raizada and the firm’s advisors are laser-focused on seeking investment opportunities that benefit from a disciplined but bold approach, tackling business opportunities where solutions are well rewarded.

Amit Raizada is a self-made entrepreneur who is the embodiment of the American dream. Arriving in the United States as a young immigrant, he developed a fierce desire to learn, earn, and win. Amit studied Economics at Michigan State University where his entrepreneurial drive blossomed. Amit attained substantial success in the wireless communications industry, and later expanded into real estate, and finally into private equity. Life’s path is not always smooth. Along the way, Amit has connected and parted with business associates, created companies, realized triumphs and experienced periods best chalked up to ‘lessons learned'.