Perspective is the ability to see what others cannot. It recognizes potential wherever it can be found. Spectrum Business Ventures adheres to a philosophy of considered perspective to uncover value, create and preserve wealth, and judiciously manage risk. We are not limited to specific industries and enjoy the ability to take best practices across verticals.

SBV seeks companies with defensible business models, often in underserved and underdeveloped markets. We are focused on working with and growing talented management teams who have achieved success but have also worked through “failures”. Experience matters. As the old Spanish proverb states, “Experience is not always the kindest of teachers, but it is surely the best.”

At SBV, we see the world differently.

Real Estate


Spectrum Business Ventures formally established a real estate investment team in 2006. Since then, the primary focus has been on acquiring, improving, and managing several multi-family housing complexes across the country. A clearly defined selection process is rigorously utilized to identify the best prospects, professionals with vast experience deployed to define and manage needed improvements that enhance property value, and disciplined management ensures a predictable stream of attractive returns.

The housing crisis that later followed in the 2008 recession led to working directly with Mission Capital Advisors and the FDIC for the purchase, renovation, and modernization more than 6,000 units across the US. Examples of the SBV portfolio included:

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real estate provides unique opportunities with long-term tenants, with investment benefits that are often independent of macro-economic cycles. We understand that there is no single approach to handling every real estate transaction; each has its own goals, its own challenges. Spectrum Business Ventures has the creativity and experience to handle complex situations and sophisticated financing transactions – all while carefully managing cash flows and risk. It is this fundamental business strategy that has allowed us to prosper with properties that range from large office buildings, to agricultural tracts, to industrial structures.

Financial Services

SBV has been active in the financial services industry for almost two decades, with investments in innovative companies that captured leading market shares in their chosen arenas. The key to our success has been a selective approach that leans toward unique high-growth markets, managed by experienced, driven management teams. The fin-tech segment has proven to be particularly dynamic and lucrative in our experience.

Entertainment & Hospitality

From elite restaurants to luxury resorts to unique yacht charters and even eSports, SBV recognizes the business value of lifestyle and entertainment demands. Rather than seeking to be pioneers, SBV invests in trends that provide a path to consistent cash flows and growth. Some investments are held for extended periods of time, while others have seen successful exits to take advantage of market valuations.


Spectrum Business Venture’s earliest experience was in retail, in wireless communications and related products and services. Building on success in a single location, the model was replicated to create a network of dozens of locations across multiple geographies. SBV continues to believe in the practice of establishing a pilot, working out the issues, and then scaling the business. Investments in this space include online and brick-and-mortar business models, with an emphasis on working with the finest management teams to tackle the ever-changing retail environment.


SBV is not a traditional technology investor. We leave that to the giant venture and private equity funds, or we partner with them in select situations. More frequently, SBV seeks untapped markets and/or brands that have the ability to expand into adjacent categories. We have had great success in energy, aerospace, online insurance services, and more. The investments can be both passive, or ones where SBV takes an active role in helping companies define their future and then executing plans to achieve superior results.


Healthcare is a vast and dynamic space, with constantly shifting sands in terms of technology, regulations, demographics, and lifestyle trends. Spectrum Business Ventures invests in business ventures that utilize modern technology or enhanced processes to substantially impact society in a positive way. We have invested in medical devices, innovative drug delivery systems, targeted clinical research, and more. Like in other industries, it is a mix of disciplined due diligence, top-notch management teams, and scalable business models that are the keys to success.